Enhanced ships operation using Integrated Automation Systems


  • Ioannis Dagkinis
  • Panagiotis M. Psomas
  • Agapios N.Platis


Integrated Systems, vessel monitoring, Ship automation, Markov Chains, Availability, Safety


Global shipping for becoming sustainable will have to organize the ships and each field of shipping industry, in accordance efficient management and operation principles. This will require the adoption of new techniques and the transformation of companies, their ships, systems, and management practices.

A modern automation and control system is a fully integrated system covering many aspects of the ship operation.  Whether for cargo, passenger or special-purpose ships, Integrated Automation Systems meets every requirement in shipping and offers decisive advantages over the entire "life" of a ship. The adaptation can suit perfectly to the special requirements in shipping and creates the prerequisites for maximum economy, reliability, and safety on board.

Integrated Automation includes the propulsion plant operation, power management operation on the auxiliary engines, auxiliary machinery operation, cargo loading and unloading operation, navigation and administration of maintenance and purchasing of spares. The study focuses on implementation of IAS and its contribution in ship's performance and safety.

The proposed model incorporates different failure rates for the different sensors of the Integrated Automation system as well as repair actions that need to be performed. The system can experience various levels of deterioration and when a failure occurs, a repair procedure is carried out and the system is restored to its initial fully operational state. A numerical example based on the empirical data is used to illustrate the proposed model.




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