The European Union response against Covid-19 Pandemic on maritime transport


  • Arian Dedej
  • Osman Metalla


European Union, Maritime Transport, Covid-19


The European Union joint maritime policy is a wide approach of all European Union policies linked with the sea. This policy is based upon the idea that by coordinating all activities linked with oceans, sea and coasts, the European Union would benefit higher rates of yields by its maritime space with a smaller mass of impact on environment. The joint maritime policy aims at strengthening the so-called ‘blue economy’, which includes all the economic maritime activities.

The maritime transport plays a fundamental role and will continue to do so at world and European trade. In economic terms 77 percent of European foreign trade and 35 percent of that between European Union countries happen through the sea.

This is the key reason because the maritime transport represents a core part in the international supply chain. Even with the decline of this activity in maritime sector due to Covid-19 Pandemic, a significant increase is foreseen in the next 10 years.

To face challenges of Pandemic, the European Union took few measures that are linked with the health security, repatriation and maritime traveling ways of passengers and other persons on the boards.

This article seeks to analyze the response that European Union and its institutions have provided to the situation through recommendations and regulations to normalize an important sector for the future of the Union.




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