Prevention of conflict of interest situations in Public Administration


  • Mentor ISUFAJ


conflict of interest, continuous, administration, public, prevention


In the last two decades in our country have been undertaken a series of policies to draft the necessary legislation to prevent and combat the phenomenon of conflict of interest as a tool to fight corruption and strengthen the integrity of institutions in the country. These policies for drafting the necessary legislation to address the conflict of interest are a requirement for the challenges of building the rule of law, an efficient and professional administration in the service of citizens and our country's obligations to the European integration process and membership in international organizations such as Council of Europe and United Nations. Legislation has changed continuously in recent years in an effort to adapt to the problems that have arisen during its implementation in practice. These efforts have materialized with the adoption of an entire legal and procedural framework. A comprehensive reform has also been made in the training and preparation of professional human capacities, for the responsible implementation of the law in this stage.

The concept of continuous conflict of interest is the situation in which a conflict of interest may recur repeatedly and/or frequently in the future. Legislation for the prevention of conflict of interest has provided the obligation of every official to take active and effective measures, at the most effective time to avoid conflict of interest situations. However, the impact of all these efforts has not been sufficient and effective and the conflict of interest remains a complex challenge and issue to be addressed and resolved.




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