The impact of the pandemic on the quality of education in our country.


  • Luljeta Hasani
  • Fatos Hasani


pandemic, online teaching, educational institutions, efforts of the authorities


The outbreak of the pandemic, in the framework of isolation measures, and in the context of preserving health and life, had its negative impact on the field of education in our country.

The pace of pandemic spread led the experts to decide on making  education at all levels shift to the application of online methods.

The application of teaching in the online format according to the studies of analysts and professionals of the field,  has left the system 10 years behind , and there are many reasons why.

Faced with such a situation, the Albanian government, like all governments of other countries, took measures, relying on the practices and recommendations of the Department of Education in the EC in order to support the right for education during the pandemic.

In this context, in Albania the project "Strengthening Education for Democratic Citizenship in Albania", implemented by the Council of Europe and funded by the Swedish Government, has supported the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth in preparing the "Handbook for Teachers - Competencies of Teaching in the Field of Democratic Culture Online ".

The Council of Europe joined the efforts of the Albanian authorities by preparing the Albanian version of the Teacher Handbook "Teaching competencies for democratic culture" and the "Handbook for Education for Democratic Citizenship", as part of a project funded by the Swedish International Cooperation and Development Agency ( Sida) "Strengthening Education for Democratic Citizenship in Albania".




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