Social Jurisprudence Protection of old age in Albania


  • Saimir Shatku


Old age, fundamental rights, social-legal protection, Europian Union, Legal-social framework


When we talk about the social and legal protection of the elderty, we consider the legal and institutional framework created specifically for the protection of the rights of one of the most vulnerable social groups against economic, social and health uncertainties. It must be said that today’s developed countres are engaged “full time”, in the creation of appropriate conditions, that is, a comfortable environment so that, their life in this stage of somewhat laborious existence, be easier, more protected and healthier.

Europe (EU), where we went to be a member, pays a special attention to this age-group, placting them under a special protetive umbrella and thus giving them a more privileged social status, comparable whith the stata in needs, which require a greater care.

Unfortunataly, our country is still far from these standarts, where, as a matter, of priority and a great problem is still the pension value, which is often not sufficient enough to cope with the payment of the medical drugs that they need each month for their health-welfare.

So, there is not yet a national strategy by the relevant state insitutions in relation to the treatment of social and economic problems of this age group. However, within the framework of approximation and harmonization of the Albanian legislation whith that of EU, this will be one those aspects of social life, which would require greater attention from the state and specific politicies regarding these issues




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