Labor market along Covid-19 and the new needs for the regulation of distance working relationships


  • Julejda Aliaj
  • Vanesa Sulmina


pandemic, challenges, regulation, market, labor


The pandemic that invaded the globe during early 2020 had a major impact on every aspect of each of our lives. The challenges that society faced in the beginning of this situation were mainly related to the uncertainty of the normal continuation of everyone's daily activity. There was a need to adapt to the new conditions we were facing. Despite the initial difficulties and panic, it was necessary to immediately adapt to this new reality, making it possible to create conditions for the continuation of work and all chains closely linked to the economy and the supply of customers with the necessary products and services. Consequently, the labor market was one of the markets which would face the greatest difficulties and which had to create new ways to ensure the continuity of existing labor relations and the creation of spaces for the development of new ones. Small developing countries were first confronted with new concepts of labor market development that were little known to most of the population. We realized that a series of certain job positions did not necessarily have to be developed in certain office settings and also that the market was naturally creating demand for new job roles. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the new developments of the labor market conditioned by certain socio-economic circumstances and also to understand the need that the new circumstances have to be regulated in a legal way to guarantee the basic remuneration rights for the service provided.




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