Physiotherapy efficacy of Mulligan Technique in subacromial conflict (literature review)


  • Selda Veizaj
  • Ariola Mena
  • Jonida Drizaj


Sub-acromial conflict, Mulligan concept, manual therapy


General Information: The subacromial conflict is a disorder of gleno-humeral joint that results from compression of soft tissue.The Mulligan concept based on the biomechanical and anatomical concepts of the human body.

Purpose: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the MulliGan technique in subacromial conflict.

Methodology: The study is Review (Literature Review) and was conducted in 6 electronic databases. Randomized type studies were included in our study. The tests used to assess subacromial conflict were: Visual Analog Scale; Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand; Short Form-36; Pressure pain threshold; Current pain severity; Numeric Rating Scale; Goniometer; Constant shoulder score.

Results: From 65 studies found, only 6 include our study criteria. The study of Yanwu Wang, has the maximum scoring according to the Pedro scale, was evaluated with 10 points.

Conclusions: The MulliGan technique resulted effective in treating subacromial conflict.




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