Performance of Gaensel Energy Group's Nikel storage cells – case study


  • Eduart Ndokaj
  • Umberto La Gatta


cell performance, Nickel storage cells, energy accumulation, charge, protonstar


Last January Gaensel Energy group acquired 30% of Protonstar, this acquisition allowed the further development of Nikel storage cells.

The extraordinary property of this new generation of accumulators lies in the accumulation of energy and its releasing no longer depending upon electrochemical processes, but simply on the interaction at the metal lattice level, in this case the Nickel.                                                        

To date, we are facing a third generation of accumulators, in fact from the Volta’s battery, called primary, the electrochemical cells called secondary, in use today, having the prerogative to be rechargeable. Any storage system currently used is based on three basic components showing electrochemical linkage, namely an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte.




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