Influence of facial profiles, posture and balance


  • Selda Veizaj
  • Rezarta Kalaja
  • Ledjona Myrtaj
  • Jonida Drizaj


Facial profiles, TJM problems, occlusion abnormalities, static & dynamic balance


Introduction Participants in our study were evaluated according to photography in the sagittal plane to determine facial profile. The aim of our study is to evaluate the facial profile and identify the correlation with posture and balance in static and dynamic. Methods This is a pilot study developed from December 2021. It took place in the Physiotherapy laboratory at Aleksandër Moisiu University, Durrës. With participants (N = 7), the tests applied in the study was the Romberg test, the Tandem test. Results In our study dominates orthognathic profile 57.3%, then we have the Retrognatic profile. Regardless of the face profile patients have the lowest scoring on the dynamic test compared to the static test. The orthognathic profile is characterized by a better static and dynamic balance. Conclusions We note conection between the facial profile and the balance of the participants. The orthognathic profile is considered the profile with the best balance in static and dynamic.




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