The Shadow of the Future: A Framework for Reform in Higher Education


  • Mentor Beqa Dr., Aleksandër Moisiu University, Durrës Faculty of Law and Political Sciences



Technological Unemployment, Work Transformation, Higher Education System, Higher Education Reform


The vast majority of professions practiced a century ago no longer exist, having been supplanted by robotics and other technological advancements. The Global Technology Network posits that the acceleration of technological unemployment is likely to emerge as one of the most challenging societal issues of the twenty-first century. While 'creative destruction', wherein obsolete job roles are replaced by new ones, will play a significant role, our latest technologies possess the potential to eliminate more jobs than they generate. Given the geometric progression of technological advancements, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and other disruptive innovations are poised to significantly impact conventional professions in the labor market imminently. Billions of individuals worldwide are currently employed in industries likely to be affected, and billions more entering the workforce will require employment. Higher Education (HE) is confronted with dual challenges in this process: on one hand, it needs to align its entire knowledge production chain with these dynamic requirements to ensure its outputs remain relevant; on the other hand, it must undergo self-transformation to maintain its significance in the production of both technical and non-technical knowledge. This research endeavors to pinpoint Albania's position within these global trends and explores how HE in Albania can adapt without undergoing a catastrophic shock. We advocate for a fundamental overhaul of the higher education system, focusing on transforming the relationship between the state and higher education institutions. Starting from the premise that the socialist experiment with the university system has failed, we propose the outline of a potential reform that reimagines the role of stakeholders. The efficient utilization of new technologies could facilitate this transformation.


Received: 25 December 2023 / Accepted: 25 February 2024 / Published: 23 April 2024




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Beqa, M. (2024). The Shadow of the Future: A Framework for Reform in Higher Education. Interdisciplinary Journal of Research and Development, 11(1 S1), 168.