Non-State Actors' Impact on Albania's European Integration: Contributions, Opportunities, and Challenges


  • Mirjam Reçi Dr.



This paper examines the significant role of non-state actors in the European integration process, focusing specifically on the case of Albania. The purpose is to analyze how various non-state actors in Albania, such as civil society organizations, think tanks, businesses, and grassroots movements, have contributed to the country's journey towards European integration. The paper aims to highlight the opportunities and challenges these actors bring, and how their involvement can shape Albania's path towards EU accession.



Received: 25 December 2023 / Accepted: 25 February 2024 / Published: 23 April 2024




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Reçi, M. (2024). Non-State Actors’ Impact on Albania’s European Integration: Contributions, Opportunities, and Challenges. Interdisciplinary Journal of Research and Development, 11(1 S1), 184.