Effective School Management in the Implementation of the Curriculum and Legal Basis


  • Matilda Leka




School, European Integration, Institutional Performance, Functions


The purpose of this study is to present an effective strategy and model for school management in support of the implementation of the curriculum and the legal basis, based on the latest most successful models in the field of education, the experiences of Western countries. To meet this goal, the study focuses on four research questions in the spectrum of managerial functions: (1) Organization- Are the schools well organized and run and to deal with their informational and educational mission in the future? (2) Change Management - Who should initiate change? (3) Planning-Who should plan the development of the school? (4) Implementation-Who should prepare and train children for the choice of complicated tasks and work in a well-organized, knowledge-based society? The study sample consists of principals of primary and secondary education schools, focusing on all types of schools in Durrës, in total about 7 schools (5 of primary education and 2 of secondary education), about 10% of schools in the Municipality of Durrës. Participants in this study are over 7 school leaders, 15 teachers, 50 parents, 50 students. For the collection of primary data from this sample were used interviews with individuals with special experiences (psychologists), focus group interviews with from 5-10 individuals in three categories, free written interviews, on teaching issues and teachers from open survey questions. Statistical programs were used for data processing and the method of applied multiple linear regression statistics was used for their analysis. The conclusions of the study are oriented towards two main pillars: the qualitative method and the quantitative one. The importance of the study lies in the presentation of a multifaceted model of a fruitful school management as it will provide instruments, paths, experiences and standard models of planning, management and real functioning of the school, the result of which are high achievements. and satisfactory fulfillment of official indicators for the school. The main limitation of this paper is the inability to directly contact and be present in European educational institutions where the problems of effective school management can be widely discussed. This limitation is balanced by the large sample size and advanced statistical methods for testing research hypotheses.


Received: 10 January 2022 / Accepted: 20 March 2022 / Published: 30 March 2022




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