The Impact of Globalization and Internationalization on the Global Society


  • Parashqevi Draçi Prof. Asc. Dr., University “Aleksander Moisiu” University, Durres
  • Arjana Kadiu Ph.D., University “Aleksander Moisiu” University, Durres



Internationalization, globalization, the higher educationInternationalization, globalization, the higher education


Internationalization and globalization are perceived as the central realities of the 21st century impact on higher education. Moreover, internationalization and globalization together influence to transform the image and organizational activities of universities. To be able to better prepare students for the development of career, universities must be aware of the trends, opportunities and experiences of globalization and internationalization. The impact of globalization and internationalization on the character and behavior of universities has become a central theme of many recent studies. Some even go so far as to claim that the process of globalization has produced a grand new model of global universities. This general trend of today's reality gives us the opportunity to increase the balanced economic and scientific potential of a country and the formation of human capital that leads to an economy with sustainable growth. Education in general and higher education in particular is an important factor and aims for the globalization and internationalization of higher education to achieve these objectives and help society to navigate a future that is more difficult to predict.


Received: 25 December 2023 / Accepted: 25 February 2024 / Published: 23 April 2024




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Draçi, P., & Kadiu, A. (2024). The Impact of Globalization and Internationalization on the Global Society. Interdisciplinary Journal of Research and Development, 11(1 S1), 254.