Internationalization and Globalization in the Field of Education


  • Arian Dedej Dr., Lecturer-Department of Public Administration Aleksander Moisiu University
  • Lorenzo Medıcı Prof. Asoc. Dr., Associate Professor Ph. D., Department of Political Science, University of Perugia, Italy



internationalization, globalization, education


The internationalization of educational programs is an important commitment that aims to develop an ever more dynamic and competitive knowledge to face the challenges of globalization and rapid social transformation by finding the right balances, critical and conscientious skills. Students, lecturers and the territory benefit greatly from the implementation of a system which favors the exchange of knowledge, didactic and scientific experiences. To strengthen the internationalization of the educational offer and the mobility of students means to intensify the international exchanges of students and at the same time to strengthen the international attractiveness of study courses with well-oriented initiatives. The era of globalization, understood as the fall of barriers in space and time that limited communication at the economic, institutional and social level, has produced important processes of transformation and change in educational institutions. The latter, accepting the challenges of globalization, have gradually expanded their educational commitment beyond national borders, giving the formation components, approaches, strategies and internationalizing tools, with the aim of favouring the full understanding of the students in one dimension more and more global opportunities to benefit and the role to play in the global society.


Received: 25 December 2023 / Accepted: 25 February 2024 / Published: 23 April 2024




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Dedej, A., & Medıcı, L. (2024). Internationalization and Globalization in the Field of Education. Interdisciplinary Journal of Research and Development, 11(1 S1), 14.