The Curriculum Referred to Development and Learning Standards and the Correlation Between Them


  • Valbona Keçi



Curriculum, confirmation of standards and competencies


The competencies set out in the Curriculum Framework are derived from the overall goals of preschool education and determine the key learning outcomes that children should achieve progressively and consistently throughout the preschool education system, in line with the Standards of Development and of Child Learning 3-6 years old. Standards describe the behaviors, skills, and knowledge that children of this age group should have or be able to demonstrate. Standards define what children can and are able to do, say and show as they grow, develop and move from one age group to another. The definition of standards, indicators, and strategies for their fulfillment, aims at educating and transmitting the human values and the best qualities of the Albanian people, such as national pride, cooperation, assistance, respect for others, empathy, honesty, love, will, perseverance, emotion management, tolerance, understanding, diversity, etc. The development and learning standards of children aged 3-6 have been designed with the new competency-based approach in mind. Having children at the center and being designed for them, this document presents the opportunities and achievements of children at specific age periods, in every field of development. The primary purpose of the standards is to support the better development of preschool children.


Received: 14 January 2022 / Accepted: 23 March 2022 / Published: 30 March 2022




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