Assistant Teacher and His Role in Inclusive Classes in Lower Secondary Education


  • Ambera Duka Ferri Department of Pedagogy, FE/UAMD, Albania
  • Livia Nano Departamenti i Pedagogji-Psikologjisë, FSHS/UT, Albania



Adaptive teaching, assistant teacher(support), IEP, inclusive classes


The role of the assistant teacher in inclusive classrooms is essential in supporting children with special needs. This necessity should mean adapting teaching based on the skills and needs that different children have in learning. For this adaptation to have a scientific basis, it must first and foremost aim at the adaptation of teaching, which is inseparable from the use of IEP in teaching, and the need for teacher-assisted assistance to students with special needs. This responsibility is compounded by the global situation in which we are all involved, such as the pandemic period we are going through. Teaching and special care for some children is not done only through campaigns nor only on the international day dedicated to them. Teaching and care for them should happen on daily basis, they do not accept "conditions" or "protocols" as the skills and needs that some children have do not accept the fulfillment of some of these protocol "rules". Therefore, adaptive teaching and the role of the assistant teacher is essential and a necessity. The findings of the study were realized by processing qualitative data using as instruments: interviews, observations and Focus group with lower secondary school teachers (SET).


Received: 13 January 2022 / Accepted: 24 March 2022 / Published: 30 March 2022




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Duka Ferri, A., & Nano, L. (2022). Assistant Teacher and His Role in Inclusive Classes in Lower Secondary Education. Interdisciplinary Journal of Research and Development, 9(1. S1), 56.